He wore his new boots today and was the most popular dog on the trail!

I do not understand how my roommate gets a new girl over here EVERY SINGLE NIGHT


Danaë by Gustav Klimt (1907)

Girl in the Weeds
Bright Eyes When The Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass
Bright Eyes
When The Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass


They can land that plane on my heart
I don’t care

When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass, Bright Eyes

Live at The 400 Bar, Minneapolis MI, 2000


MOON MOSAIC — A gorgeous image of the Moon from Noel Carboni via NASA: “No single exposure can easily capture faint stars along with the subtle colors of the Moon. But this dramatic composite view highlights both. The mosaic digitally stitches together fifteen carefully exposed high resolution images of a bright, gibbous Moon and a representative background star field. The fascinating color differences along the lunar surface are real, though highly exaggerated, corresponding to regions with different chemical compositions.” (NASA)
Best Coast Rhiannon
Best Coast


she is like a cat in the dark
and then she is the darkness 
she rules her life like a fine skylark
and when the sky is starless
all your life you’ve never seen 
woman taken by the wind
would you stay if she promised you heaven?
will you ever win?